Platform 2005 Committees

This page provides links and an overview of the committees involved in the platform project.

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The Process Committee

The Process committee is the "managing" committee of the platform process. They are not responsible for the content - the words and ideas that go into the platform, but they are responsible for pretty much everything else, including:
  • maintaining the list of participants
  • publishing the platform and other documents
  • maintaining the living platform and GPC platform websites
  • ensuring that the other committees are functioning well
  • maintaining and managing the project schedule.
  • purchasing and logisitics
The process committee's members include senior GPC volunteers, GPC staff, and the Head of Platform and Research

The Assembly

The Assembly (previously called the Platform Committee) is also known as the "committee of 100." It is a large committee and that is it's distinguishing feature. The Assembly is mainly reponsible for approving planks for platform 2005. If it is in platform 2005 the Assembly must have approved it. People participating in the Assembly include:
  • platform volunteers
  • regional representatives
  • the shadow cabinet
  • the platform co-chairs

The Platform Subcommittees

The platform subcommittees, also known as policy salons are subsidiary groups branching off from the platform committee that do the bulk of the development work on platform planks. Platform subcommittees are chaired by someone who has a strong interest in the topics to be covered by the subcommittee, and will coordinate the efforts of other people in the group, including assigning the roles of plank leaders. Plank leaders recruit members and advisors to work on the plank, and eventually presents it to the platform committee for approval.

The Platform Co-chairs

Wheras the Assembly is the largest committee, the platform co-chairs form the smallest committee. The platform co-chairs are responsible for managing the agenda of the Assembly, and eventually for taking the completed, approved planks and finishing the building of the platform.

The Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee's role is to both spread the word about the platform and to recruit talent into the process. The outreach committee organizes regional platform conferences, and special outreach programs like rank a plank live, markup and mailback and open space conferences.

Troll Committee

The troll committee isn't really a committee. It is a gallery of critics, people who provide valuable observations and counterclaims, but don't have any role or committment to completing the process. Members of the troll committee are individuals who willingly accept the title of troll to gain the freedom it entails. Trolls don't have to be polite, don't have to be contructive, and can say pretty much whatever they want. Trolls do have a code of honor, and the most honored troll is known as the lowest troll.