Platform 2005 Co-Chairs

Green Federation of Canada Platform 2005 Platform Committee Co-Chairs:


The platform co-chairs is a small committee (of about three) who work cooperatively while representing specific portfolios: economic policy, social policy and environmental policy. The intent is to manage triple bottom line in a balanced way. See capital asset.

GFC platform co-chairs will be elected from the members of the platform 2005 assembly on an annual basis. An interim platform co-chair was appointed by council in 2004 until the assembly could complete an election scheduled for December 2004.


Platform co-chairs manage the implementation of the planks that are approved by the assembly in the final stages of development of the platform:
  • To ensure a balanced and core Green view of ecological, economic, social and democratic concerns throughout the platform.
  • To help the platform team come up with a preamble, a green vision for Canada that will set the tone for the platform.
  • To manage the overall integrity, scope and completeness of the platform 2005.
  • To manage content, not process nor resources.
  • To help the plank leaders and category chairs to avoid gaps in planks, to ensure consistency with Green Party Policy, to ensure consistency throughout the document.
  • To set overall platform strategy, including the platform's role in the election strategy, the target audiences, the general tone, the scope of planks. see: platform 2005 strategy

Examples of questions the cochairs face:

GPC Committee members

On October 17, 2004, the Federal Council of the Green Party of Canada unanimously elected Tom Manley, GPC Agriculture Advocate, to serve as Co-Chair of the Platform Development Process. Subsequently, he proved to be willing to participate in undermining the committee, especially in the firing of Michael Pilling. This was a major cause of the GPC Council Crisis and formation of the Green Federation of Canada as well as Living Platform itself as an independent body for Grassroots Greens and others who seek to actually follow a position protocol rather than a top-down assignment of policy roles by GPC Leaders.

The long term vision is to find two other Co-Chairs for the Platform Development Process, one from Western Canada and one from Quebec or Eastern Canada. And at least one of the three Co-Chairs must be a woman. The other two Co-Chairs will be chosen from people participating in the development of the 2005 Platform based on their track record for contributions and their interpersonal skills in building consensus.

Committee Listserve

The co-chairs use private email only. Non members may not post to this list. No observers are permitted. The co-chairs may be contacted at cochairs at livingplatform.ca which is delivered to all three.


The cochairs meet with the subcommittee chairs of the platform project by teleconference every second thursday at 9pm EST.

GPC chairs Meeting 2004-11-18
GPC chairs meeting 2004-12-02
GPC chairs meeting 2004-12-16


GFC chairs meeting 2005-03-12