Platform 2005

The development of Platform 2005 is now underway.

Until the GPC officially releases a new platform, our official platform is still Platform 2004. Exit to Platform 2004

For a list of pages relating to platform development see:Platform 2005 Project

For an introductory statement about it, see: Platform 2005 Welcome

To learn about how the platform will be created, see: Platform 2005 Process

There will be no published draft of platform 2005 until at least January 1, 2005, and if there is no election it may not be published at all, except on the web. Discussions regarding it will be visible in the Living Platform continuously until the next federal election.

If you wish to compare policy of major parties directly, see the official 2004 party platform comparison chart or the analysis of all parties other than the Bloc visible from party platform comparison. As of the end of the Canadian federal election 2004 these comparisons are out of date, as all parties are changing and reviewing their policies after that election.

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