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Canadian People's Parliament

The People's Parliament of Canada (PPC) is a grassroots movement in support of proportional representation in the federal legislature, and participatory democracy in general.

The PPC consists of 200 People's MPs. When combined with the 308 Members of Parliament (MPs) elected in the latest ((federal election), they provide a working example of representation that is exactly proportional to the popular vote for each party, and more balanced with respect to gender, disablity, age, economic status, etc.

The PPC operates continuously on the Internet. Anyone can raise issues and take positions on issues. Canadian citizens, immigrants and young Canadians can vote on these issues, and elect People's MPs to act as their representatives.

Canadians and their representatives gather in public places across Canada during a PP session. There is currently a session each month (the first Monday in the month, plus the previous weekend). Sessions are linked by the internet to each other, as well as to all Canadians who wish to participate via the Internet or by telephone.


Then National Capital Region (NCR) will host its third session on June 3-5 2006 (noon until 5:00 PM EST each day.

Register for the People’s Parliament on Parliament Hill! . Our virtual parliament is filling with MPs that have already been elected. Come to "The Hill" this weekend and register! Or attend online.

About the People's Parliament

The Peoples Parliament is a citizens initiative for e-democracy which enables:

How to join:

You have two choices:
  • register as an e-citizen to vote for people's MPs or directly on legislation.
  • run for office as a Peoples MP and represent dozens, hundreds or thousands of Canadians.

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Want to join?

Run - ( E-register as a Peoples Parliament candidate MP ).
Vote - ( E-register as a Peoples Parliament voter ).
E-vote for your chosen Peoples Parliament candidate MP.
Volunteer to help others participate in the Peoples Parliament.
Receive help participating in the Peoples Parliament.

Contacting People's Parliament

E-mail: peoples.parliament@rogers.com
Web: http://ca.geocities.com/peoples.parliament@rogers.com

Phone: (613) 236-3176

The People’s Parliament
116 Glebe Avenue, Suite 6
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2C3

Contact person:

Protest the Kidnapping of Canadian MPs

A comparison of the 2004 popular vote and the party affiliation, gender, age, region and ethnicity of 308 incumbent MPs reveals a startling discrepancy - 130 MPs are missing. These 130 should be representing women, youth, aboriginal people, independent thinkers, and other voters whose right to political representation has been kidnapped. Foul play is suspected, although no ransom demands have been made public. Canada’s non-proportional electoral system has been identified as the tool used to perpetrate the crime.

On April 29th-May 1st, 2006, representatives of the victim’s families (voters from all parties with missing MPs, women, youth, aboriginal people, and others) will gather on Parliament Hill to demand action on their return. For one weekend, they will occupy chairs on the Parliament lawn as the “extra” MPs needed for party, regional, age, gender and minority balance. Of behalf of the missing MPs, this proportional caucus will add its votes to those already counted in the 38th Canadian parliament.

Canadians demand a referendum on proportional representation (PR). Free the Ottawa 130!

Democratic Reform on Parliament Hill 

A citizen’s coalition based in the National Capital Region is convening the People’s Parliament.

Be "MP for a day"! We are searching for credible individuals from all parties and communities to form a representative set of extra MPs. Some un-elected candidates have been nominated, but most MPs will be ordinary citizens. Are you a Canadian citizen as old as 18? You are eligible!

MPs will be chosen to ensure more balanced representation for women and minority communities. In a perfect democracy in which we are all free from prejudice towards each other, representation would be roughly proportional because of the laws of probability. Our Parliament proves that we do not all enjoy an equal voice. Are you a woman, a member of a visible minority, a person with a disability, gay or lesbian...? You are under-represented, and you are needed!

The People’s Parliament is non-partisan. It is also neutral about the model of PR that is best for Canada. Many communities and party organizations endorse it. It is one of many citizen initiatives in support of PR and equal representation for all.