Peace and Ecology Party


The Peace and Ecology Party concept was founded during a late night phone conversation between Gretchen Schwarz and Dan Murray, both former members of the NDP and both former members of the GPC federal council who had left both party's due to their lack of grassroots democracy and "follow the leader" approach to decision making.
The seed had been planted by a listserve, "New Green Canada", affectionately known to the GPC hierarchy as "the bitch-list". At first, they had a point, but NGC members got over their anger and disappointment and it is now an excellent source of information and discussion about all things Green.

Once the Peace and Ecology Party (PEP) started to organise, growth was slow but steady. Gaining some media coverage which has greatly helped the party expand coast to coast

In one member's words, this is why PEP believes it is different;

1) We have no leader, we have a spokesperson who is
replaced every six months. Thus no attraction to the political manipulators of this world. Not naming names but I'm sure we can all come up with examples.
Also, no hierarchy or favouritism, decisions are made
from the bottom up, not top down, and by consensus.

2) We don't ask for money, we ask for activists.
Membership is free as long as you agree with the Global Green Charter.
You can read it at

3) Local decisions will be made locally, when a local
PEP group decides on a candidate for example, the spokesperson (or paper leader to use an original Green term) will sign their papers.

4) We are not politicians. We will use the ballot box
to build membership in the movement, as we will use the movement to build results in the ballot box. A symbiotic kind of thing.
We will be visible between elections, not just when we're asking for a $1.75 per vote. We don't have much money, and that's not a big deal.

5) Face it, we aren't going to form the government,
niether is the GPC or the NDP, but an activist movement/party will be able to make more of a positive
impact on the issues that concern this planet, that
concern us all, than any group of politicians.
We're also honest enough not to aim for that pie in the sky called ruling, not our style. What we want is to help preserve this planet for our children and grandchildren. You'll find us at peace demos and protests against any abuse of nature. We will defend social justice for all and a worker's right to a living wage and safe working conditions. You will see us where the politicians will not go.

A lot of people's first reaction is that we won't go
anywhere without a leader.

That's wrong.

We will appeal to the disenfranchised who are most
Canadians who see no alternatives other than voting for the lesser evil, and so don't even bother voting.

To be called a politician is not a good thing in this
country anymore. To be called an activist is different
all together. We are activists first and foremost."