Participating in Platform 2005

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Participating in plaform 2005 can be easy and convenient. It can also be extremely challenging and rewarding.


Anyone can invite a friend (or themself) to join the platform 2005 project. please visit invitation to join platform 2005 project for details.

Platform Participants

It is not necessary to be a member to have a voice in the process. Anonymous visitors can make comments on these web-pages, and can contact participating members via email, or by mailing or calling the Federal Party Office. You may join a Platform 2005 listserve to jump right into the debate, or visit Platform 2005 Subcommittees pages to see what is being developed. If you have a lot of enthusiam, or special expertise, you may want to apply to be a plank leader. A list of all planks in development is maintained at all platform planks

Diversity of Platform Participants: A report, updated periodically, details:
  • where the participants in the platform 2005 come from (by province)
  • the gender balance
  • the language preferences of participants.

Volunteer Support

The Green Party is not just for policy wonks, volunteering on the Platform 2005 project is a way to meet new people, demonstrate excellence, and be a part of something big.

We need volunteers in all the following roles: (click to learn more) editor, copywriter, translator, advisor, researcher, event manager, ambassador.

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