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June 22, 2004

Mrs. Novaczek,

The PEI Working Group for a Livable Income is a coalition of individuals
and community organizations that are promoting the belief that PEI
workers are entitled to an income that will allow individuals and
families to meet their financial needs with dignity. The creation of the
Working Group came as a result of work being done by various
organizations across the Island to address the issue of low wage and low income levels on PEI.

  • Livable Income for all Citizens: Economic Security a Major Determinant
of Health*

  • Questions for Party Candidates*

  • 2004 Federal Election*

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  • PEI Working Group for a Livable Income*

  • Preliminary *

Many studies establish that economic security is the major determinant
of health. Reports also demonstrate that poverty levels are reduced in provinces or countries which have effective social policy programs in
place. Such policies are effective because they are inclusive of every
Ùs needs and contribute to better physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual health for everyone.

Many reports show that people of the Atlantic Provinces are exhibiting
the highest percentage of chronic disease in Canada.

Statistics indicate that the gap between the rich and the poor continues
to grow at an alarming rate even when Canadaâ
Ùs economy is growing and
making "progress".

A major portion of the Atlantic economy is based on seasonal industries.
Many repeated studies indicate that the majority of seasonal workers
prefer to work on a full-time year round basis with favourable
conditions and good benefits.

In the past two years, the Federal government had two task forces on
Seasonal work and Womenâ
Ùs entrepreneurship.

Education and job opportunities are key elements for our economy to
continue to grow.

  • Questions*

1. What is your party willing to do to bring about changes in the social
programs (parental benefits, adequate social assistance, adequate
unemployment insurance benefits, effective training programs or
financial aid to students, etc) in order to make them more effective and
available to everyone?

2. What is your party willing to do in collaboration with employees, employers, unions, chambers of commerce, etc. in order to assure a
liveable income for everyone? (This means an income that would permit
the worker to obtain at least the fundamental necessities of life.)

3. What is your party willing to do to change the curing-of-illness and
behaviour-change approach to health care and to invest in the core cause
of ill health, that is, the lack of liveable income?

4. What is your partyâ
Ùs plan for investing in community-based economic
development initiatives which promote sustainability and independence
and which provide rural and urban people the chance to work productively
and healthfully in their own communities?


Colette Arsenault,
Executive director

Association des femmes acadiennes et francophones de l'Ã
on behalf of the Working Group for a Livable Income