Ontario electoral reform referendum, 2007-10-04

The Ontario electoral reform referendum, 2007-10-04 will be held alongside the Ontario general election, 2007 of the same date.

The Ontario Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform is formally responsible to set the ballot question for the vote.

Even regardless of the question, the yes side was already being organized as of 2006-10. Electoral reform advocates involved included Kate Holloway, Hayley Easto, Dave Meslin, Dan King and Craig Hubley.

[+] 2006 proposals


It is thought that voter turnout may be improved by the dual vote, whether it is one alongside a municipal or provincial one.

[+] process

options presented

Responsible parties advocate a bioregional multi-member district scheme that would create stable districts not amenable to gerrymandering and which would help resolve current cross-jurisdiction problems extant in Ontario (see Death Pipe issue.)

The STV+C, BSTV+C+P, B5AV+C+P options were also being advanced to potentially appear on the ballot.