The OP:web is the open politics web - he entire web - consisting of WWW and intranet and local files - that the open politics search engine can reach. The open politics toolbar explores resources in this web.

See OP:all and OP:namespace for management problems and especially OP:todo.

tracks commitments

Technically, it requires that all commit verbs be very disciplined, and associated with _user_signed tags, to track commitments without a specific web service being used as a central hub.

proved at living platform

This is essential to the open politics time market and more sophisticated service economy capabilities that by 2007 LP will be expressing at LivingPlatform.CA itself. The next LivingPlatform.CA web will provide a proof of concept of these various spacetime conventions, person conventions and so on.

The next open politics web will continue to expand these.

sets deference relationships

The most contentious and important core instructional capital of this web is a list of which web service defers to which other for bits of instructional capital.


This is explained to end users at open politics web.