This is the open politics plan, not the LP:plan.


Ongoing plans

Month by Month Plans


Long term plans.

by 2007 LP will
by 2006 LP must

It's important to differentiate between a fundamental longer-term and interim goal with "by 2007 LP will" vs. "by 2006 LP must". Though the latter will redirect most likely to a schedule like by 2006 LP or OP:by 2005-09-01 the indirect link is required to make it easy to find implied goals. Using this notation helps divide political or strategic objectives from bureaucracy, administration and logistics/tactics. All LP best cases should use this language so we/will/must remains clear.

The LP steering committee will make most use of this.
Many things on the LP steering agenda will actually be towards plans. Move only what seem to be actual plans to pages as above. Break down the 2005 goals and 2006 goals into the above notation. It's overdue.

See especially OP:software by 2007 and open politics toolbar, and how the next Living Platform toolbar is a first step towards these goals.