The OP:layout page is used to develop the visual interface for openpolitics.ca itself.

process to refine this interface

1.Review all OP best cases and all OP worst cases

2.Look at what the best cases have in common, what are the OP:constraints that must be respected to make these actually happen? Explain in terms of the worst cases.

3. Now optimize the design to avoid the worst problems by a better ontology - making distinctions that prevent any misunderstandings by making bad ideas impossible to have.

4. Find the most enabling metaphors, e.g. pundit blackberry. How do these requirements translate intoOP:layout constraints? See LP:layout constraints for an example.

5. Sketch the command grammar in a form no one will mistake for a visual design, e.g. see top LP controls for an example of colours no one is seriously suggesting, but the exact words being considered.

5a. Refine into an HTML layout to get the "feel" right using the correct words as in this prototype where you can toggle watch versus watching. Keep working with this until the words are truly final, and the exact command verbs and qualifiers are stable. (To use it, click "watch"/"watching" to get the idea, and, hover your mouse over the images to see how the "whole command expressed as a sentence" is expressed. This HTML mockup of interfaces gets the "feel" right - then they can be snapshotted and made pretty).

6. Propose a refined "pretty" OP:layout that meets the constraints, reinforces the metaphors, and has the whole command grammar. Reject anything that doesn't do all this as proceeding from improper understanding of the problem.

6a.Iterate to a design that no one can find problems with. Perfection is cheaper than errors once design is deployed.

7. If in serious doubt, or not converging, expand best and worst cases and repeat. It will get far easier each time as the mission and direction settle down, as constraints are understood, and as various unstated worst cases become explicit, so the fears associated with them can actually be addressed.

~This page helps control openpolitics.ca itself. CC-by-nc-sa by ECG.^