OP insiders

OP insiders are individuals who are committed to and share in the success of OpenPolitics.ca. That is, they can claim some of the credit when things go well, and hide away if not.

Anyone can become an OP:Insider, all it takes is a willingness to help. As is usual in a deliberative democracy and participatory democracy, those who contribute more, or take on the most thankless tasks, will have more respect and influence within the orgainztion, in other words, participation equals power.

Help with the "todo" lists.

Insiders help the project by working or volunteering time to complete items on the todo list. The todo list contains a number of "action requests" that anyone can perform.

The OP:todo list consists of items that can only be performed by admins or senior editors, because they are sensitive or require priveleges (either social or administrative) or some formal authority.

OP roles

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