Page names including the term:for are controlled by naming conventions based on living ontology, which obey the Categorical Imperative.

As in by the people, for the people, almost all permissible names using this common preposition will always name a living thing or group of same "for" which the action in the name is undertaken, e.g. "for students". It will not in general describe the actor unless that actor is also the living thing for which the service is offered, e.g. one is using openpolitics.ca as educator but "for" the students, not "for" the educator.

Other than proper names of books and articles, only a few well-known slogans such as "by the people, for the people" use the words as controlled and so are accepted. If there is an issue raised with such terms they must be moved to term:by the people, for the people and the differences in the interpretation of use of term:by and term:for elaborated.

See also OP:by.