The OP:category criteria should be listed here:

These define exact tests and OP:roles involved in assigning all categories.

The desirable list is:

person|pages about a person|may be protected if frequently altered in non-useful ways
profile|pages about people, groups and institutions|may be protected if frequently altered in non-useful ways
ignore|a mark that senior editors or administrators advise ignoring the page - often from a talk page where the material should usually go first|any registered user can see them
op/admin|inside "op" operations pages for staff/admin/insider use only|view and edit restricted to staff/admin/insiders
instruct|instructions|depends - this may be used as a more general category that subsumes others
help|general information/help/navigation/definition|general permissions apply - usually open to all helpful inputs under CC-by-sa
issue|pages where IPAs are encouraged|general permissions apply
archive|pages for which an archiving request has been made|always remain visible
archived|pages that have been archived|any registered user can see them
ignored|pages that have been officially ignored by rules of open politics in force, may or may not be distinguished from those archived|any registered user can see them
contest|pages for specific contests|depends
challenge|pages for issue challenge|depends
news|news article, typically contains links to issue pages; may be exact transcription of standard source or op news designed to highlight an issue effectively|usually have editor level restrictions after they are no longer current - left open while current as they are closely watched anyway, and need breaking news input
org|organization|organizationally authored pages that may be commented by others, or may not, depending on the org desire for input on that issue|depends

Differences between desirable and actual performance:

As of 2005-12, the actual current category scheme of openpolitics.ca itself does not divide "archive" requests from "archived" pages, nor "ignore" request from "ignored" pages (presently listed as archived), there are no "contest"s, no distinction of "person" or "profile", the "instruct" category includes all process, "org" and "op" material, and some pages are from the perspective of "GPC" not LivingPlatform.CA itself and not openpolitics.ca itself without being properly in the GPC:namespace. - User:Craig_Hubley.

Also, this page is hard to access, as [http://openpolitics.ca/categories openpoltics.ca/categories does not lead to it but seems to trigger some misfeature. - [[User:Craig_Hubley]]