OASIS promotes service-oriented architecture - - as do W3, BACnet and ECG but - via the use of XML/ebXML, Public Key Infrastructure and related industry standards such as LegalXML and Election Markup Language.

Technology vendors participate in OASIS directly unlike the W3 or ECG or ISO or ITU efforts. Accordingly a higher takeup of the standards is expected by most who participate or who adopt the standards. Corporate intranets tend to adopt these standards and test them extensively due to difficult driving problems that motivate their use:


OASIS Committees cover technology adoption services, computing management, document-centric applications, e-commerce, law and government technology applications, software localisation, computer security, technology standards adoption, supply chain problem))s, web services and their definition, XML processing.


Latest versions of all OASIS standards as of 2006-03 included:

Unlike ISO standards, All specifications are available from OASIS.