Nova Scotia Greens

The Nova Scotia Greens were an informal group that issued press releases on NS sunday shopping and other issues, and ran Michael Oddy as an independent candidate in Chester-St.Margaret's in 2005 and organized the preparatory steps that led to formation of a Green Party of Nova Scotia. The GPNS protocols this group debated influenced its constitutional structure but weren't formally adopted in its constitution.

At its GPNS AGM 2006 in March of that year, its founding convention, a GPNS leader, GPNS executive, GPNS constitution and GPNS logo were chosen by 22 attendees.

The current elected GPNS Leader is Nick Wright. Martin Willison and Shannon Long are the two co-presidents who lead the GPNS executive.

The nsgreens.ca web service is in use by the GPC-NS and is not a related or affiliated service.