Nick Wright

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Nick Wright is the leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia. He was elected at the GPNS AGM 2006.


Green Party of Canada

Wright ran for the Green Party of Canada in the Canadian federal election, 2006, in the riding of Halifax. He received 3.9% of the popular vote (1,948 votes), losing to NDP incumbent and former NDP federal and provincial leader Alexa McDonough.

Green Party of Nova Scotia

He was voted leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia at the founding convention held on March 4 and 5, 2006 over long-time Green Party of Canada candidate and organizer Sheila Richardson.

A simultaneous unanimous endorsement of the GPNS constitution empowered the GPNS Executive and GPNS Policy Committee to create party structure and policy and defined the public relations role of the leader as spokesperson. Speaking outside of this role had previously been an issue for the GPNS - see Michael Oddy.

Full Slate

In his acceptance speech and a subsequent interview, both covered by CBC News, Wright stated that the Party would run 52 candidates, a full slate in Nova Scotia. The pronoucement caused controversy as many said that it could not be done and that such a statement was beyond the mandate of the leader as regional division approval was required.

June 13, 2006 Provincial General Election

In its first provincial election, less than three months after the founding convention, the Green Party of Nova Scotia had a full slate of candidates and went on to win 2.3% of the popular vote (9,411 votes).

Wright ran in his home district of Halfiax-Citadel and recieved 4.18% of the popular vote (292 votes), losing to NDP candidate Leonard Preyra.


Wright has an honours degree in Philosophy from the University of King's College Halifax, an MBA from Dalhousie Univeristy and, as of 2006, is in his final year of law at Dalhousie University.

Community involvement

Previously, Wright was a spokesperson for the Animal Rights Collective of Halifax and appeared on Maritime TV speaking about the seal hunt. He has also been involved in groups including the Students Coalition Against War, The Social Activist Law Students Association and the Society for Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility, and has worked at the Dalhousie Legal Aid Clinic.