Niagara drunk driving tour

In 2003 the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario under Ernie Eves was simultaneously advocating highway development on top of the Niagara Escarpment through the Niagara wine grape growing region. They also proposed putting large signs by that highway to promote the wineries, all of which offer free samples to visitors. This deliberate promotion of a Niagara drunk driving tour was noted and criticized by locals who would actually be killed on the highway by the drunken tourists.

The simultaneous promotion of golf tourism by similar signs especially on the 401 between Toronto and Kingston suggested also that cosmetic pesticide use would increase in Niagara if golf were similarly promoted - increasing the toxicity of one of Canada's most toxic areas.

Nonetheless, to "save money" by putting up promotional signs simultaneously with building highways, and "make money" by diverting sober people off highways only to let them back on later drunk, having left pesticides behind to disinfect the golf courses they infected, was considered to outweigh any potential human impact of this form of tourism. These are good examples of "Common Sense Revolution" of Mike Harris and other Harrisites.

As similarly minded Premiers Ralph Klein and Gordon Campbell were also caught drunk doing unseemly things the idea of sending all four (Harris, Eves, Klein, Campbell) on a tour of Niagar where they could hopefully all be killed in a head-on collision, was voiced by some.
Fears that Harris or Klein would beat an innocent immigrant caddy to death with a golf club killed the plan.