News:Belinda Stronach dumps the Tories

Belinda’s excellent adventure:
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Belinda Stronach dumps the Tories</TD></TR>

<TR> <TD colspan=4> <! PLACE PICTURE TAX NEXT, use img src=img/wiki_up//filename align="left" - picture aprox 200x200 pixels> <img src=img/wiki_up//stronach_belinda200px.jpg align="left" hspace="5"> OTTAWA May 17, 2005 Belinda Stronach's defection from the Conservative to the Liberal benches of the House of Commons shocked MP's and pundits alike. All of them expected to see Paul Martin's government fall on May 19th. In doing so, Stronach landed a tremedous political blow upon Stephen Harper and a very personal one upon Peter McKay. Described last election as a lightweight on policy issues, her striking rise to top required ample political savy, and also required the political and financial backing of Frank Stonach. Will her money, ideas, clout and connections change the Liberals for better or for worse, or is this just another political marriage of convenience? more . . . </TD></TR><TR><TD colspan=4> Related issues: politcs as usual, minority government, Belinda Stronach, power elite, political defections, political machine. </TD></TR><TABLE>