Murray Smith

Murray Smith champions the development of Alberta Tar Sands as a source of oil for the United States.

He has been widely criticized for seeking to become the primary energy supplier to the USA when:

Also, according to all credible scientific sources that have studied the problem, refining and burning Tar Sand oil in present infrastructure (refining and pumping and transport, as well as the end use) will definitely cause irreversible climate change.

Various arguments about limits to world fuel supplies including Hubbert Peak arguments, in general support Smith's position that there will be reliable markets for the oil and that it will be in short supply soon, regardless of its climate impact. However, clear calls on activists to abandon these arguments have generally gone unheeded. This has empowered Smith and his allies, including Ralph Klein and Preston Manning, who often cite these "limits" as an excuse to continue Tar Sands "development", brushing past climate and health effects.

Murray has actually stated that it would be bad if a new energy source like cold fusion arose before Alberta had a chance to benefit from the oil, and is using this argument to spur tripling output. He seems to have no comprehension of the actual known constraints on the use of fossil fuel energy.