A mission is an organization's statement of its own longest term goal. The mission of open politics is located at the open politics mission

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[+] Developing Mission Statements

vision first

One must share visions before one tries to define mission.

Visions serve mostly to inspire but also to inform others of what has been deemed impossible, so they can argue about that explicitly. Those things that are predicted, anticipated or expected or envisioned by 2012, by 2011, by 2010, by 2009, by 2008 and by 2007, are examined. Interim events arise from efforts to backcast to fixed time horizons such as these immediately comprehensible dates.

The longer term goals after 2012 like the seventh generation, fourth generation, second generation are how the LP utopia is ultimately constructed. The LP dystopia also emerges, and all LP worst cases get refined.

affects goals

Each goal statement is then visited and restated in terms of the best case and worst case possibility. The overall language, the vocabulry of the goals, will affect all control verbs and all human command verbs.

To discover the mission requires reviewing and refining all 2005 goals, 2006 goals, 2007 goals, and putting them in context of what is actually anticipated as future events and opportunities.

Then mission is stated as a more general restatement and summary of all goals. It will change over time as the understanding of goals evolves.