Mining the Connections

Mining the Connections opposes the import of coal from Colombia for Nova Scotia Power to burn to generate electricity. About 17% of NS Power's energy is generated with Colombian coal.

"NS Power has a moral and social responsibility to ... purchase coal that meets international standards of human rights." - Gary Leach of Cape Breton University.

In Colombia, over 4000 trade unionists have been killed by paramilitary forces, one every 5 days or so. "All we are looking for is an end to the hunger and the dignified empowerment of our people... we aren't interested in mines being closed in other countries so that blood can be spilled in our country." - Francisco Ramirez, union leader, which NS Power refuses to meet with. Their position is "they can't be concerned... their primary concerns are 1. the quality of the coal 2. the price of the coal" only.

There are alternative sources within Colombia, such as mines owned by cooperatives. There are also sources in Cape Breton that are being considered for re-opening.