Mike Nickerson

Mike Nickerson has been a member of the Green Party of Ontario and Green Party of Canada for many years.

well-being pioneer

Nickerson was primary author of the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act, which was the basis for Government of Canada to develop ecological and social indicators for major decisions.

It was introduced to the Canadian House of Commons by Liberal Party of Canada MP Joe Jordan in 2000. The two had been introduced by Peter Bevan-Baker - part of a Green strategy to co-opt at least a few members of other parties in the absence of electoral reform. This work was the centerpiece of the GPC platform, 2000 and gained the GPC its first major visibility on the federal level.

Key provisions of the bill were passed into law in 2003.

[+] the new GPC

Nickerson's intellectual contribution

Nickerson is famous for influencing the definition of sustainability as a set of obligations, and also for the phrase economy is three-fifths of ecology, that is, "the economy" ignores extraction and waste and treats them as if they were free to all.

A 2000 essay by Nickerson