Mental Health

Mental health

Mental health describes the absence of mental illness. However, mental health is not defined simply as the absence of mental illness, as it infers the ability to enjoy life, resilience, balance, flexibility and self-actualization.


Position: Current mental health care practices are inadequate

Green Party of Canada
  • mental and emotional health programs are the most neglected components of our health care system, costing businesses billions in lost productivity, and costing families untold suffering - too often in silence or denial.
  • work to increase the availability and quality of mental health services in all of our communities.

Position: current treatments are heavily focused on pharmaceuticals

  • we ignore the demonstrated value of holistic care

Position: There are few supports in place for psychiatric survivors to live in the community

  • psyhiatric survivors often find the challenges of living independently, facing low incomes, high rents, and discrimination from society (even aside from the mental illness itself) too much to bear.
  • Institutions are overburdened with long-term patients unable to become productive community members.

Position: mental health problems are caused by society

  • we need to counter tthe values of envy, selfishness and greed in which our consumer-mad society is bathed night and day from birth to death.