Media Team

This page was removed and all page history was likewise and unnecessarily removed on Green Party of Canada Living Platform on 2005-02-19 as part of the GPC Council Crisis. It documented the failure of the GPC Media Team, which continues to fail to this day. Hiding this page was part of an attempt to suppress the rival and more viable and affordable GPC press centre proposal.

The current hierarchical Media Team will be reformed, disbanded or dissolved in favour of a war room and press centre built on Living Platform itself. These will execute a more disciplined GPC press protocol and a rigorous GPC press release protocol.

The Outreach Team will rely on similar facilities and will also not consist of fulltime staff. During elections the Outreach function will probably be performed by methods, e.g. mark up and mail back, which permit additional energies to be put on campaigns and the Media Team

The Message Team's fate is unclear and as of 2005-02 was subject of some dispute. The GPC Council meeting 2005-02-20 will likely put the Media team in charge of it.