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'Marc Emery' (born 1958) is a Canadian cannabis activist. He is the publisher for Cannabis Culture Magazine. He also ran for (W:mayor) of the city of (W:Vancouver) in 1996 and 2002, and came in fifth the second time. He is formerly a retailer of cannabis seeds for cultivation, having started Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds in 1995, which he ran until it was closed by a raid by Vancouver police acting on the request of the (W:United States)) Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on July 29, 2005.

He currently faces extradition to the US where he could face a life sentence for selling seeds and "laundering" the profits into pro cannabis legalization activities.
His outspoken advocacy in favor of (W:Legal issues of cannabis|legalizing marijuana)) led the media, beginning with (W:CNN)) in the United States, to dub himThe Prince of Pot a nickname he embraces heartily.

Marc is a well known advocate of marijuana reform and social justice.

current activites

Pot seed retailer and publisher of Cannabis Culture. Leader of BC Marijuana Party. Pot TV lead host.

[+] Marc Emery should be the People's Marijuana MP in the People's Parliament

[+] Marc Emery should not be extradited to the US


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