LivingPlatform.CA Terms of Use

The LivingPlatform.CA Terms of Use are similar to the Terms of Use of the Green Party of Canada Living Platform. These are temporary provisions for its use prior to the LP launch 2005-09-01. Contributors and users agree to be bound by the next LivingPlatform.CA terms of use retroactively. These terms will include:

1. Waiver of Liability Livingplatform.ca provides free and unrestricted access for unmoderated and even totally anonymous users to create, edit and add comments to pages on the livingplatform domain. The administrator guidelines do not permit interference in political matters relevant to LP clients, who are mostly using LivingPlatform.CA to do politics, so, the influence of Living Platform itself on the discourse is limited. So:

1a. The administrators of livingplatform.ca are in no way responsible for content appearing on these pages. Users are strongly encouraged, and registered users are required, to remove by editing any texts that they find in their best judgement to be untruthful, offensive, hateful or out of context. Those who disagree should respond by restating the matter a different way and quoting sources.

1b. Viewers who view content that offends but refrain from editing the pages in question waive all rights to lay claims on the contributors, administrators or supporters of this site. Complaints and corrections in forms other than editing are welcome, but, Living Platform itself accepts no obligation to provide any other response nor to integrate any email, fax, mail, or tikiwiki comment.

1c. By editing or commenting on any facility provided at the LivingPlatform.CA domain you agree to accept full and exclusive liability for your contributions. By editing, or commenting on this domain you also release LivingPlatform.CA of any obligations or liabilities whatsoever arising from any comment, debate, issue or claim you make about political or prominent business figures, whether satirical, or regarding political party governance, or any possible libel claim.

1c. You agree that comments that may appear to be those of other participants, or consensed by others, may be moved to your personal user page;

1d. You surrender all rights to claim any page in Living Platform libels you under Ontario law, and agree to abide by Quebec civil law in any disputes that may arise.

2. Attribution Your attribution will not be collectivize but will be preserved as strictly as the wiki software and authentication permits.

2a. The CC-by applies to sole works by one author, with exceptions as follows, notably 2d, 2e, 2h.

2b. A collective derived work is deemed to exist when anyone edits any page by another author. These collective works, and those which arrive as collective works without specific attribution claims required as above, are all licensed under CC-by-nc-sa to the public, with only commercial rights being reserved. Some exceptions apply:

2c.For collective works the most prominent, prolific or easily identifiable or attributable five authors will be listed - this rule is compatible with the GFDL - in the page history and in any published or redistributed versions that have not got all prior versions also included.

2d. All pages that link to This page helps specify and all those linked from all LP controls and any other pages that directly support LP:control, e.g. all control verbs, or that specify any controls or relate to the specification of controls, e.g. lists of verbs, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc. used in control, accrue all commercial rights to the Efficient Civics Guild, regardless of authorship or origins. This includes any relevant specifications or descriptions or other patentable, copyrightable or trademarkable material (in any country) on the list of process papers, anything relevant to the reflexive intranet, and all human command verbs analysis relevant to the ultra-reflexive intranet. These are part of the living ontology, a separate work on which Living Platform itself depends. Using these controls or viewing these specifications or providing any feedback constitutes agreement to waive and release and hold harmless the ECG or any member thereof from any claim arising from use of clickstream, customer service request, trouble ticket or other feedback.

2e. All pages that are authored by the Civic Efficiency Group are likewise released under CC-by-nc-sa only.

2f. Commercial rights in collective works contributed to the Green Party of Canada Living Platform or copied from collective works there are recognized as belonging to the Green Party of Canada in all works for which attribution has been perfectly preserved and in which all authors are not also contributing the same material as participants in the free Living Platform. If they are, the GPC and Green Research both have commercial rights in the material that is in common to both. This does not include LP:control materials, ECG or CEG work as above.

2g. Other Share alike and open content works under GFDL or CC-by-sa or CC-wiki work can be contributed and edited here; All edits will be considered to be licensed under all three, remaining under those licenses, not CC-by or CC-by-nc-sa. This is for easy reintegration with Wikitravel or GFDL corpus: Wikipedia, SourceWatch or Consumerium and most importantly Wikinfo, nationmaster and wordIQ.

2h. With the exceptions noted above, all rights in any instructional capital written in second person, e.g. "you can...", whether solely authored or not, are also reserved under CC-by-sa not under CC-by.

2i. Commercial rights in these works under 2f and 2g and 2h do not accrue to anyone, but they can be distributed only under all of the GFDL, CC-by-sa and CC-wiki license with the "author" defined as Living Platform itself with all link back clauses interpreted as requiring the link back to LivingPlatform.CA as the source. ''This does not apply to any works of the Efficient Civics Guild

2j. copyright in all other collective works contributed and unattritable and not falling under the above categories accrue to Green Research itself, a non-profit organization, which negotiates the use of these to make LivingPlatform.CA a self-funding operation.

3. By registering, users agree not to contribute works that violate the rights above, and not to transfer works to any user or institution or private intranet or other webs.


The next terms of use will embody the above completely. We ask for your patience and goodwill until the above can be translated into legalese.

We are working with Creative Commons and Efficient Civics Guild on a Creative Commons web terms of use and Creative Commons green license and Creative Commons mutual non-disclosure and Efficient Civics Guild commercial license for further future certainty.