The LivingPlatform.CA web service hosts Living Platform itself, which is not solely a web-based service but a system of outreach similar to ImagineHalifax. It extends the ImagineHalifax terms into a comprehensive list of control verbs that it supports for lobby and campaign efforts, for all citizen initiatives.

mission and mandate

The mandate is to act as a Canadian "online clearinghouse" for green policy development. Literally anything that may be commented on by a Canadian, on which Canadians may need to take a stand. Of all the pages in this wiki, currently:

THE LIST OF all citizen initiatives IS MOST IMPORTANT

See next LivingPlatform.CA for comments about changing this mission and mandate. Feel free to modify the mission, but, justify your modifications on that page not this one - link Living Platform itself or LivingPlatform.CA itself if you think your comments are pivotal or fundamental. If your comments are only about the web features, next LivingPlatform.CA web is for you - this is similar to next greenparty.ca web.

not limited to Canada, Greens or federal issues

The citizen initiatives are not restricted to the GPC platform planks nor to Green Parties nor to the Canadian federal jurisdiction but include global simultaneous policy down to bioregional democracy for small rural regions.


The LivingPlatform.CA project arose because the Living Platform itself had become impossible to host on facilities controlled by the Green Party of Canada Election Readiness and Campaign Team, which sought to censor it and avoid some terms of its open content license. It was taken over by volunteer Canadian Greens who now operate it for everyone interested in policy work.

LivingPlatform.CA itself - the web service - is only the first of several instantiations of the overall project that will include Outreach Team effort to get citizen feedback on all the initiatives, and methods, used.

never going away

While some functions of Living Platform may be revived under ERCT control, the Green Party of Canada Living Platform is now being vetted to remove the Living Agenda itself. Accordingly there is no capacity to be heard on critical matters of political party governance including GPC Governance, which the ERCT forbade debate on. An emergency GPC AGM petition may also result from these same circumstances.

Whatever happens, however, this service will continue as a nonpartisan way for Initiative Activist Chairs to work and for others to join initiatives that they start and continue.

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