Living Platform itself

When making a self-claim about the mission, goals or characteristics of the Living Platform itself, link to this page. Note that these are different from claims or assertions regarding the web service LivingPlatform.CA itself, which has its own such page.

As a wiki best practice, this page will help keep track of all statements where the Living Platform itself is being described, as opposed to referenced, where its self-image is involved or being redefined. That is, its governance. See wiki governance for more on theory of this.

Marking and tracking all such statements makes it easier to review links to this page and find all statements about the project's mission, goals or characteristics that are central, and which should be widely debated. By letting no such self-claim go unchallenged or undebated, we gain more certainly over what is said, and the direction that is being taken in common.

From time to time, all such claims will be examined to help update what Living Platform is not and related Living Platform mission pages.

This helps towards the goal of a chaordic or self-organized system - one where the participants define the mission and debate by editing that mission directly within the medium being debated. On the technology level it makes also for a more reflexive intranet - one where verbs are tracked carefully and mean roughly the same things in many contexts.

See also we, the Living Platform users on the related issue of how shared/joint statements intended to be "from all users" is dealt with, and how factions can likewise be defined based on variances between what "we" are willing to say in common and agree to do in common. See pronouns.

See also Living Agenda and Living Agenda itself.