Living Campaign

There are three types of Living Campaign:

officer of a nonprofit

Any officer of a nonprofit group may create a page with the title "FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME runs for ORGANIZATION OFFICE"

For example:

Hayley_Easto runs for GPO President

For instance, an internal party officer candidate may create a campaign page that invites input even from anonymous trolls. This helps them define mission, rhetoric, goals, and so on. The motive for such trolls to help would be to get attention to specific goals and positions they take on open politics itself or on other political party governance issues, or governance in general. Obviously such pages should contain troll warnings until the person campaigning can review their inputs.

When campaigning for an actual office of elected representative of the public at large. it is not advisable to permit such input, as the public expects a candidate for office to be somewhat more certain of their goals and platform and the positions they're taking into office, and less amenable to influence from anyone.


Living Petition can change its wording at any time, but all those who have signed it will have to be contacted to review the final wording that is finally accepted. This allows for poorly worded petitions to be changed before it is too late, and it exploits the ability of the net to form social networks of those who have similar views. Ultimately these may become power networks.


To lobby isn't the same as to run for an office, though it is a form of campaign, it is seeking to alter decision making or the position of a political party or government itself.

There is no special term in the living ontology for such an effort as it's going on all the time: one is advancing any one of the positions by adding arguments and evidence and getting that in front of the decision maker.

In fact, it's so ordinary it should probably not even be on this list, except that from time to time a lobby group may get involved and make a Living Campaign page to remind people to back up a given position with more arguments and evidence, find more alternative sources, cite their experts, etc. etc..

In this case tracking such an effort with a wiki meeting and so on, can be useful.