Living Agenda protocol

The most mature Living Agenda protocol is the agenda protocol used at Living Platform itself in spring of 2005 to make LP steering committee decisions that led to the open politics foundation and to openpolitics.ca itself.
Obviously it worked or you would not be reading this.

A GPO agenda protocol is being developed to adapt this to the uses of the Green Party of Ontario.

A more limited GPC agenda protocol has been adopted by GPC Shadow Cabinet. It is called unfortunately by the ambiguous non-informative name 'motion adoption process' and used only by the GPC-SC. Its definition however makes clear that in the "Normal Voting Methodology" all "Advocates will log in to... a Wiki based page located on the" Green Party of Canada "Living Agenda site." It unwisely proposes that "in the long run, a stand alone, graphically oriented site should be produced to better facilitate usage and accessability." This is not how one achieves better decisions. However the initial model is sound:

"A copy of the motion will be posted on the voting page with the three voting choices.
Advocates will "sign" their name under their choice of vote. (Approved, disapproved, etc.)
In order to facilitate accesability and inclusion, an Advocate may request another Advocate to cast their vote for them.
At the end of the voting period, the result will be posted at the top of the page and the Advocates who did not vote will be noted on the page.
The page will be locked upon conclusion of the vote
A link will be maintained from the main "Virtual Cabinet Room" in order to maintain a voting history of each Advocate and a history of the motions approved by the SC."