Liberal attack ads, 2006

A series of Liberal Party of Canada attack ads were released in January 2006 during the Canadian federal election, 2006. These all focused on CPC leader Stephen Harper.

One ad invited viewers to speculate that Stephen Harper's leadership campaigns were bankrolled by US conservatives.

Another implied that he intended to work with Gilles Duceppe to break up the country.

Another claimed that he had "admitted" he would have to run a federal budget deficit.

The most controversial ad did not actually run. It suggested that Harper, if elected, would impose martial law in Canadian cities. Some prominent LPC candidates distanced themselves from this ad including:
  • Anne McLellan who said it "should never have seen the light of day"
  • Keith Martin who claimed that "some idiot went and sent it out with the other 11 ads"
  • John McCallum called it "a mistake"

Paul Martin on Canada AM attempted to dismiss the ad as relating to Harper's plan to locate Canadian military bases in cities, as opposed to concentrating the Canadian military in five bases across the country. This was unconvincing, an obvious excuse, as the ad's wording in no way related to troop logistics.

Judy Stewart, in Myron Thompson's riding of Wild Rose, Alberta, disavowed all the ads, saying: "I'm ashamed of these negative attack ads". She was the only candidate to do that.