Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 2006

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"Following the defeat of his government in the Canadian federal election, 2006, Paul Martin announced his intention to resign before the next election. The timing, he said, would be determined after discussing it with the caucus and party executive. The convention will come some three years after the 2003 convention, which saw Paul Martin selected after a turbulent few years of conflict between his faction and that of outgoing Prime Minister Jean Chrétien." The date of this large-scale delegate convention was eventually set as December 2 and 3, 2006, in Montreal. Nearly 5000 delegates took part.

won by Dion

The convention selected Stephane Dion on the fourth ballot, after a dramatic endorsement from Gerard Kennedy, who was able to deliver apparently over 90 per cent of his committed delegates to Dion. Dion had previously received the endorsement (immediately after the first ballot) of Martha Hall-Findlay. All other candidates moved to Bob Rae, who lost on the third ballot, and Michael Ignatieff, who faced Dion and lost on the fourth and final ballot.

Dion gave a gracious acceptance speech in which he made a point of naming each and every other candidate, their primary strong point in the campaign and the party, and inviting them all to continue to contribute as MPs, referring to them as the "dream team".

Dion's comments were interspersed with harsh personal invective on Stephen Harper, whom he described as a "control freak" with a "right-wing agenda" that he predicted Canadians would strongly reject in the expected Canadian federal election, 2007.

Jean Chretien delivered a particularly stirring summary of the Liberal achievements of 1993-2005, wryly calling Harper "Steve".

history of the race

The race was easily the most surprising and fluid set of events in recent Canadian political history, often compared with the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 1968, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada leadership convention, 1976, or the Liberal Party of Ontario leadership convention, 1996, all of which had surprising results. Dion's victory was thus compared to that of Pierre Trudeau (another staunch federalist from Quebec), Joe Clark (due to Dion and Clark's shared reputation for integrity), and Dalton McGuinty (who defeated Gerard Kennedy after the latter had led for four ballots, just as Dion defeated his front-runners).

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Issues that came up during this campaign:
  1. Quebec sovereignty specifically whether a Quebecois nation exists, which Kennedy was strongly against declaring in the House
  2. Iraq and Ignatieff's support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the US and UK
  3. fiscal imbalance and Rae's vow to retain all the federal government's spending powers