Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 2003

At the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 2003, former Finance Minister Paul Martin replaced Jean Chretien as Prime Minister of Canada. His only competitor, Sheila Copps, had been Deputy Prime Minister of Canada under Chretien.

Other Chretien ministers such as John Manley, who had stood in the race until it became obvious he could not win, were to depart politics entirely.

The highlight of the event was Bono appearing to endorse Mr. Martin and urging him to meet the long standing commitment to devote 0.7% of GDP to foreign aid. When Mr. Martin did not meet this commitment in the Canadian federal budget, 2004 or 2005 even though the latter fell during the Make Poverty History campaign, Bono admitted Mr. Martin "mystified" him.

The event was also later to represent a divide growing in the party between Chretien and Martin camps. Copps disavowed herself of Martin, accusing him of subterfuge in pushing her aside for Tony Valeri.

As of February 1, 2006, the Wikipedia article on the race divided potential candidates in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 2006 into Chretien and Martin camps.