The LP:trolling facility lets users complain of civil or other legal liability arising from inaccuracies or any propaganda or smear campaign efforts at LivingPlatform.CA itself. Please edit this page or comments below:

Because of the usefulness of trolling, not all of these complaints will be dealt with quickly or immediately. But the date of the complaint will be fairly recorded for all legal purposes, including those who wish to sue Living Platform itself, for which instructions are provided.

  • complaints about all LP profiles
    • the profile of Jim Harris isn't harsh enough and so people he has organized defamation of, aren't clearly seen to be innocent
  • complaints of copyvio
    • the Toronto Star articles can't really be here verbatim, unless there's a general restriction on their use as at truthout.org
  • complaints about factual errors or systemic bias
    • there's a definite Ontario-centric bias here, and that might make it very hard to evaluate some issues fairly in other placeds