All LP:insiders must report time at LP:done.

see also:OP:insider

Move only LP:admin todo items to LP:todo so that insiders will notice them.

LP "insiders" are individuals who are committed to and share in the success of Living Platform itself. That is, they can claim some of the credit when things go well.

Insiders help the project by working or volunteering time to complete items on the todo list. The LP:todo list consists of items that can only be performed by insiders, because they are sensitive or require priveleges (either social or administrative) or some formal authority.

Becoming an insider

To become an insider, one need do only two things:

Anyone who doesn't isn't an "insider" by definition, as they aren't committing to co-operate with the other insiders no matter how unpleasant and demanding things get.

The price of success is unease, when things aren't working.

As is usual in a deliberative democracy and participatory democracy, those who contribute more, or take on the most thankless tasks, will have much more power.

Benefits of being an insider:

A status as LP insider is permitted to remain on any LP committee. This means one is trusted to do things that others are not trusted to do, generally, whether or not they are technically possible to do with "permissions" or socially allowed by "status" (both aspects of repute).