LP:control defines the using LivingPlatform.CA tikiwiki modules and underlying tikiwiki menus and all control verbs that are used on all LP controls.

These controls must ultimately appear on a worn device.

A difficult task is to collaborate with LP:design on LP:layout, especially the Living Platform toolbar and its impact on other elements of next LivingPlatform.CA, that anticipate the worn device UI.

Another difficult function is to manage the relationships between multiple namespaces and web services that are developing naming conventions for international Green Party policy, and an interwiki link standard and an interwiki identity standard that will eventually become part of the wikitext standard. This is a constraint driven task and there is little room for "creative" work:

things more important than control

+4 The (living ontology)) is the core ontology shared by many projects. LP could fail, but the core continues. Concepts central to it, like Four Pillars, are highest priority, and LP control will sometimes be hard due to those.
+3 LP:steering has the right to raise issues on the LP:control agenda, which will be scheduled and dealt with in due order. LP-steering cannot impose control nor deadlines, though, it can require response within a month, or shorter timelines with major LP:funding at stake.
+2 LP:research criticizes these for conceptual metaphors that may be confusing or misleading users, e.g. spatial metaphors used for non-spatial concepts, confusing forGIS and mobile user interfaces that support the candidate portal. This metaphorical consistency is critical: When all LP controls express reflexivity, LivingPlatform.CA itself can act as the reflexive intranet of Living Platform itself. This is probably the only true edge the project has.
+1 known trolls exploit the controls to do their worst, and this is useful input to decide which capabilities to remove.

things less important than control

-1 LP:users whine and whine and gripe and bitch and complain, and no one cares until they either fill out all LP best cases with their lusts, urges and ambitions, or fill out all LP worst cases by predicting global disaster for not implementing their pet feature immediately.

-2 LP:copywrite whines that the colourful words they want to use are subject to LP control veto.

-3 LP:design whines that the pretty pictures they want to use are subject to LP control veto.