Ken Ashdown

Former GPC Communications Chair Ken Ashdown resigned from the GPC Council and GPC ERCT during the GPC Council Crisis in March 2005. It is not clear why. He was invisible during the Council's least ethical deliberations.

He was ineffective at advancing the naming conventions for international Green Party policy, or solving the URL and 404 problem, and like Dermod Travis, also ineffective at advancing the Green Party of Canada into the public eye.

According to the Progressive Canadian Party, the Green Party "made so many gains in the last election because people had no alternative as they wanted change. The Green Party was the only party to vote for BUT" as of 2005-03 "they have not been heard from since!" This was very clearly the fault of Ashdown, Travis, Harris, and Colton.

His resignation inconvenienced no one.

Some GPC members have inquired as to why he quit, and received no answer.