John Godfrey

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John Godfrey is a Liberal MP for Don Valley West.

He was endorsed in both 2004 and 2006 by Mayor of Toronto David Miller, despite his Liberal affiliation and the Mayor's NDP membership.

He is a former university professor.

Championed cities

Until the Canadian federal election, 2006, he was the Canadian federal Minister of State (Communities and Infrastructure). Issues within his domain included some aspects of emergency preparedness and urban infrastructure. He was primarily responsible for the New Deal for Cities.

Godfrey was also responsible for the definition of Environmentally Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure and best practice exchange requirements for Green Municipal Fund - which he personally advanced at Federation of Canadian Municipalities meetings in 2004 and 2004. He specifically champions urban sustainable development projects, and was probably more open than any of Paul Martin's cabinet to input from outsiders, including those who are not Liberals.

For instance in December 2004 he discussed the City Infrastructure Loan program with the Civic Efficiency Group, consisting of well-known Green Party of Canada supporters. These are thought to have been influential on the eventual mixed grant and loan system adopted.
The Transparent Municipalities proposal from Green Party of Canada Living Platform was used in this lobbying effort, but was surprisingly excluded from GPC platform, 2006. Similarly, that party dropped the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act from GPC platform, 2004 after championing it as its primary activity in 2000-03.

Later, in 2005, the Baltimore CitiStat management accounting model was incorporated, with emergency preparedness benefits not estimated, and included in an open letter to Ralph Goodale from Civic Efficiency Group that also went to Reg Alcock and Scott Brison. This emphasized the cost of regret model and again that terminology was often heard in meetings of FCM and other bodies dealing with these matters through 2005.

Diplomatic influence

Godfrey may also have exercised some influence on the final form of the Montreal declaration after reviewing the 6C declaration that was a proposal advanced for the final declaration by the Civic Efficiency Group. Clauses 2.6, 3.4 and 4.3 of the final declaration seem to echo concerns and proposals provided him throughout 2005 by CEG.

Liberal leadership candidacy

Godfrey expressed strong interest in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 2006, advocating it be held as early as possible, as early as November. He was among the first to actually announced his candidacy.

In several TV interviews he emphasized his goals as "sustainability" first and foremost, "cities" and "social justice". In some private communications he has been known to state a desire to "obsolete" the NDP and Green Party of Canada with policies that meet or exceed those parties' policy. Godfrey is widely believed to favour the blue-green combination of radical energy efficiency, full cost accounting, user pay and polluter pay measures, and spending all of the savings on social justice.

His wife is on the board of Natural Step Canada, which is a green design organization. She is known to strongly support his candidacy to become Prime Minister of Canada.

Godfrey abandoned his bid in April 2006 for health reasons. Many of his supporters moved to Stephane Dion who had championed many quite similar goals.

champions online membership

Godfrey has also championed more use of intranets, telework and signal infrastructure in Canadian cities, and even in his own parties.

In a March 16, 2006, CBC News interview, Godfrey championed LPC members being able to join the Liberal Party of Canada by web form, something no other Canadian federal political party has done. The only condition he stated as necessary was proof that the member had paid for membership themselves.

one of four PhDs

Godfrey was one of four Liberal leadership candidates with a PhD, the others being Michael Ignatieff, Stephane Dion and Dr. Carolyn Bennett, an MD.


Godfrey is known for being outspoken about his views and extremely honest. Some consider this to have been an disadvantage in historical Canadian politics as usual, but it may be an advantage in the Troll Age.

known troll

His mockery of the Helms-Burton Act and actually introducing troll legislation in the Canadian House of Commons to mock it, puts Godfrey among the known trolls. One of a very few in the world to have actually introduced such legislation.