Jim Wales

Jim Wales (also Jimbo to his friends and Jiminy to his enemies) is the owner of Wikipedia.

Wales acted as its GodKing and in charge of a single command hierarchy of sysops doing sysop vandalism to discourage competitors to this hierarchy. If one cared about the content, one had to back off else the vandals would destroy it simply for being edited by the wrong people. For this and other reasons, Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia and Wikipedia is not wiki.

There are also direct conflict of interest accusations against Wales. Although many people believe that the Wikimedia Foundation is a non profit, it has ties to Wales that are effectively unbreakable and provide his company, bomis.com, with a particular advantage.

Wales famously argued with co-founder Larry Sanger and told him that "he never understood the project". The two become known trolls as a result of this debate in which they validated most or all of the complaints other trolls had made about them both.