Jerry Vlasic

Dr. Paul Vlasic of the Animal Defense League is a medical doctor in Los Angeles.


In April 2005, his provocative animal rights statements alarmed Immigration Canada officials who claim they were unaware of his clearly rationalized and explicit view that human beings do not have an infinite right to life insofar as they infringe on similar rights for other animals.

This is not an unusual view in modern ethics, in which animal life is often accorded a nonzero value when compared to human individual capital economically, and where funds are devoted to ecosystem health that could be spent "saving lives" of humans presumably.

any way possible

However, Vlasic is unusually clear on this point. A specific quote:

:"People who torture animals to death must be stopped in any way possible... threats of violence are one way to do that. I would be behind that threat of violence." - Dr. Paul Vlasic,

On another occasion he said that "the threat of violence would be another way to stop them, and I would be behind that." "Them" in this case were vivisectionists.

price of life

In a public talk, Vlasic also estimated that for 15 to 20 human lives, many millions of animal lives can be saved. A price of life and price of Earth analysis might well support this valuation. Canadian law and human rights law does not seem to. Presumably, people who believe that human and "animal" life are comparable and that saving millions of animals is worth killing dozens of humans, are required to be silent about this view in public.

politics as usual

On April 19, 2005, Immigration Canada claimed they were unaware of Vlasic's views on his entry to Canada to oppose the seal hunt. The implication was that he would have been refused entry on the grounds of his belief alone, though no specific threat was actually involved.

In a CBC Radio on As It Happens, 2005-04-19, Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson called Vlasic "a guy who has never injured anybody" and notes he is a medical professional who devotes his whole life to saving lives. He dismisses media "concerns" about him:
  • "Sex, violence, scandal and celebrity is the only thing they cover."

Watson further dismissed the media, politicians and police as ignoring actual violence against activists while pursuing minor and not-credible implied "threats" by figures who have a history advocating nonviolence.