In Defense of Politics

In Defense of Politics, 1982, is Bernard Crick's seminal work on politics as usual. In it he defines the political virtues and other fundamental skills.

In defense of politics

Bernard Crick's famous book In Defense of Politics argued that even through the processes above, political virtues were still easily observed throughout every level of the political process and even during election campaigns. For those who had the eyes to see it, politics was simply a form of "ethics in public" where the additional layers of rhetoric, framing, theatre, excitement and stunts were required to bring more people into ethical discourse. Moral conflicts, according to Crick, were simply inevitable, and, when they could not be worked out in private, for whatever reason (say they involve public services or collective assets), "politics" was simply what we called the result.

In Crick's view, politics was to be accepted as it is, and improved. He was a notable figure in the government of Anthony Blair, which won an unprecedented third UK national majority in the UK general election, 2005.

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