Imagine Halifax terms

This page is CC-by-nc-sa. Commercial use is reserved to the Efficient Civics Guild or ImagineHalifax to fund further work on those projects. Additions to this page here are therefore for non-commercial use only. This project's control verbs are included in all control verbs for only such purposes.

See Imagine Halifax initiative for the policy terms arising from this project. These are included on the list of policy terms.

The ImagineHalifax terms were frozen on December 31, 2004, at least until the 2008 HRM elections. These include control verbs and some abbreviated initiative names that evoke specific ideas on the list of policy terms. Each key term is the handle of one and only one initiative.

The project intended to spread this list of standard terms and some abbreviations so that organizations can more readily coordinate simultaneous policy between the elections. See all control verbs.


Media-friendly web addresses (technically Universal Resource Identifier or URI - see Green URI and list of Green URIs are a necessity in today's politics.

Leading broadcasters use URIs like cbc.ca/fifth or cbc.ca/greatest or disney.com/nemo to publicize their heavily-promoted offerings.

Political efforts compete directly with the entertainment world for people's scarce free hours. It's critical that policies that affect their lives be just as easy to find as distractions.

Serious webs, according to web guru Roy Fielding, "use human-meaningful, hierarchical identifiers in order to maximize the serendipitous use of the information beyond what is anticipated by the original application." We have standardized on the following list, and we encourage you to spread them far and wide, since they aren't changing:

The list includes control verbs:
  • help - a meta, reserve for help with the website
  • lead - a meta, about leaders and leadership on whatever issues the website has presented
  • we - who "we" are, including any overview of how new issues/leaders are s/elected (how "we" change")
  • IPA - current issues, positions, arguments within IH - *chat - ways to connect with others by net chat, e.g. ICQ perhaps using Trillian Instant Lookup
  • meet - live meetings and other events where you meet people in person - see also wiki meeting
  • with - live meetings and opportunities to discuss issues or work "with" specific people who have offered their time
  • ask - questions and answers (also the /FAQ has answers to common questions)
  • media - media contacts and news/press releases
  • print - material to print and widely distribute
  • news - all notable news including our own IH news
  • find - facilities to find anything on the web related to these issues
  • search - conventional search facility
  • refer - all current references used in this web
  • cite - all current formal citations used in the initiatives as main sources of issue, position or argument
  • mail - conventional mail facility
  • act - action forms like this
  • fax - ways to do a few of the above by fax
  • web - this web and its integration with that of halifax.ca or greenparty.ca - which it will eventually replace; see also next greenparty.ca and next halifax.ca and next gc.ca
  • text - ways to do a few of the above by text msg
  • call - ways to do a few of the above by phone call
  • wear - stuff you can wear with "our" name on it
  • gear - other stuff we recommend to our supporters, e.g. green bay box
  • run - running for office, what to know, what to do
  • mayor - our most recent open letter to city mayors, e.g. regarding municipal performance audits
  • simpol - current simultaneous policy opportunities
  • use - user interface and usability features of halifax.ca - critically important to our partners because it indicates what we will change, and what will remain stable
  • next - what features we're going to add here next - see next GPC Constitution, next GPC Leader, etc.

For the full context and list of policy terms see full list of terms including policy terms