ISO 19011

ISO 19011 is a generic full cost accounting audit protocol from the ISO. It combines "into one document the auditing guidelines for quality management systems (ISO 10011) and environmental management systems (ISO 14010, 11 & 12). ISO 19011 standard provides guidance to auditors including those who audit internally within their own organizations."

extends 9001 and 14001

"Applying ISO 19011 provides organizations and mainly registrars with a tool to fuse the management systems... optimizing the management system under a model for competitiveness and reduction of risk providing a basis for saving money if registration is required under both ISO 9001 (and variants) and ISO 14001 schemes."

"The intent of ISO 19011 is to provide a guiding document for organizations, and a requirement for Third Party Registrars. ISO 19011 provides the Registrars with an approach to combine assessment of management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001."

Such a system further provides a stable base for other types of risk management - that is, with comprehensive outcomes of resource extraction, transport and treating waste as a resource dealt with, liabilities are under control, and ordinary domain analysis and throughput accounting model of that domain can occur, without concern that new liabilities will obsolete these models.

audit protocol

Most of the standard is devoted to a generic audit protocol:

"ISO 19011 includes requirements for qualification of auditors and focusing on audit teams. ISO 19011 provides a guide and enables the Registrars in setting their own competence requirements and related evaluation process. Other areas need be consider, as to enhance the process of auditing, is the combination of audit programs and individual audits in a single guideline-document. And this considers that there is a relationship of individual audits and the effectiveness of a supporting audit program."

"ISO 19011 includes the addition of terms and definitions relating to the auditing protocol." In an organization using it, these terms would be added to the list of process terms as control verbs:

"The issue of auditor competency is a concern when integrating two managerial systems and opening it for professionals that may have no experience in the field of quality or environment."

audit evidence

"The standard defines audit evidence as "records, statements of fact or other information, which are relevant to the audit criteria and verifiable. Thus an auditor gathers evidence on the basis of facts and may conclude with a findings. A findings leads and expresses conformance or non conformance.

Concerns are expressed with the language "opportunity for improvement", or "observation".

In public accounts, say, the Auditor General would use these words often to describe problems found in government.

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