ISO 14064

The ISO 14064 series, part of ISO 14000, "is due for release in March 2006, and the national adoptions with Canadian specific requirements (if any) shortly afterward. It should support the development of GHG reduction programmes and emissions trading markets by providing an auditable, standardized process for GHG quantification and verification. The draft standard is already being incorporated in governmental GHG mechanisms in Australia and in Canada’s proposed Offset System for GHGs, which aims at projects “of all types and in all sectors.”

Three Distinct Sections, Serving Three Distinct Purposes
ISO 14064-1. Part 1 specifies principles and requirements at the organization level for the design, development, management, maintenance and verification procedures used to establish and document an organization's GHG inventory.

ISO 14064-2. Part 2 specifies principles and requirements and provides guidance at the project level for quantifying and reporting activities intended to cause GHG emission reductions or removal enhancements.

ISO 14064-3. Part 3 specifies principles and requirements and provides guidance for those conducting or managing the validation and/or verification of GHG assertions, such as the validation or verification of an organization's GHG inventory emissions claim or a project's GHG emission reductions claim." - http://ghgregistries.ca/index_e.cfm