Howard Dean

US Democratic Party national Chairman Howard Dean is the former Governor of Vermont, a medical doctor, and was a leading candidate for US President in 2003-4 before his campaign collapsed.

It was later revealed that his entire campaign, which terminated in civicspace software, had been launched by a meetup.com bot, which apparently had no capacity to judge the risk of an off-putting yowl to the American public.

As of 2005-09, Dean had redeemed himself and was on the attack against the US Republican Party for its priorities after Hurricane Katrina, which included the US Senate ratifying John Roberts and passing a massive estate tax cut. He said:

"Countless thousands of our fellow Americans throughout the Gulf Coast region continue to suffer in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina," said Dean. "While some have begun the painful task of rebuilding their lives and coping with the unfathomable loss, so many still await help. And the cost of this disaster in human and material terms remains unknown. It's simply irresponsible for Senator Frist and Ken Mehlman to even think about spending our tax dollars on breaks for millionaires at a time when our top priority must be to ensure we have the resources needed to address the long and short term costs associated with rescue, recovery, and rebuilding in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Not to mention the vital lesson we learned this week about the deadly cost of diverting funds at the expense of the safety of the American people."