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A majority of seats in the Palestinian Authority's legislature were won by the Jihadi group Hamas in January 2006 elections. Hundreds of international election observers declared the vote fair.

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[+] background


The arguments regarding colonization in general, aside from the specific cases above, tend to be highly ideological and divisive. Though they play some role in the rhetoric of each argument, they should generally be avoided in the positions and certainly in the issue statement. A senior editor requests that analogies be confined to the postwar period, and if possible post-Cold War situations that can be seen as comparable, or best post-USSR situations wherein the rule of law between nations might be said to be applying more effectively than previously, at least by us.

issue statement as of 2006-02:

"Under what conditions, if any, should Western governments and the UN recognize Hamas as a political and democratically elected movement? What stricter conditions should apply to aid?"

[+] position: no conditions for recognition, no aid

[+] position: recognize and aid only once committed to a peaceful solution

[+] position: recognize and aid only once disarmed