Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream is a very strong ocean current that regulates temperature by moving heat from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean to the North Atlantic and Europe. Without this movement, most of Northern Europe would be only as habitable as Newfoundland and Labrador, which is at about the same latitude. See Gulf Stream for description.

It became a political issue due to melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet caused by global warming, which occurred simultaneously with a slowing of about 30% in the amount of heated water transferred via the Stream to (especially) Iceland, Ireland, the UK, France and Norway and all Baltic Sea countries. European agriculture could not survive a much greater reduction in this heat, nor could many native European species.

issue: can we save the Gulf Stream ?

position: no, Europe and the Gulf of Mexico will take its chances

argument for: Europe's wars caused a great deal of trouble for the rest of the world in 1914-45, and it's minor wars and Cold War tensions 1945-1999 were not cheap for people elsewhere. Let Europe freeze as the Caribbean boils.

argument for: The first place destroyed was New Orleans due to heat building up in the Gulf of Mexico. The next places destroyed will be Galveston, then Houston, and Miami. These places all voted for the suicidal Bush administration. Wipe them out, then save the Gulf Stream.

argument against: Europe has atomic bombs and even the UK and France are not free of extremists. Each has an extreme nationalist party. Destabilizing Europe could have similar consequence as 1914 or 1939.

position: no, just try to stop the warming

argument for: The Montreal declaration approach is sufficient, or must be sufficient, since no greater controls could be imposed.

position: yes, cut greenhouse gases further

argument for: The regret associated with any loss of European agriculture or Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean nations' agricultural and industrial capacity would be much more extreme than any carbon tax etc.