Greenpeace Canada Questions 2004

Greenpeace Canada Questions 2004 regarding


1. Will you end subsidies and tax breaks for fossil fuels and nuclear power?

Greens: YES

2. Will you commit to Canada achieving at least 10,000 megawatts of wind energy capacity by 2010?

Greens: YES (though we favour a more aggressive strategy in areas presently too dependent on fossil fuels)


1. Will you implement mandatory labeling of GE foods?

Greens: YES

2. Will you place a moratorium on all new GE Foods

Greens: YES


1. Will you signifi cantly increase the amount of protected areas, especially in large intact forests, in Canada by 2010?

Greens: YES

2. Will you fully implement and strengthen the federal Species at Risk Act including making sure that all endangered species in Canada are given full protection under the law in each territory and province?

Greens: YES


Our Question: Will you commit to no Canadian involvement in the U.S. Missile Defense (Star Wars) scheme?

Greens: YES (and pressure the US not to put weapons in space above North America)

See the complete Green Party response at http://www.greenpeace.ca/e/action/election2004/Green_Party.pdf

See the Greenpeace reportcard which compares the various partys at: