Green Party of Ontario

The Green Party of Ontario is a provincial political party in Ontario. As of 2006-11 it was fourth in the polls after the ruling Liberal Party of Ontario, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and New Democratic Party of Ontario. It was not expected to change this ranking in the Ontario general election, 2007.

Its leader is Frank De Jong. Its female deputy leader is Victoria Serda. No one cares who the male is because Rob Newman once held the post.

Hayley Easto leads GPO platform development.

[+] gender balance

[+] dividing effort

public and semi-public webs

Its public web service is at gpo.ca. It also uses greenparty.on.ca.

use of openpolitics.ca

The GPO Governance Committee and GPO:TO is doing some work in openpolitics.ca itself. See GPO:namespace.

The next GPO constitution is being publicly debated as a part of this, and some meetings and policy resolutions are being conducted according to agenda protocol. A GPO agenda protocol is expected to evolve from this work.

A GPO officer protocol may also eventually evolve. See GPO protocol.

Some GPO:jobs are occasionally open. Paid jobs have never however been mentioned on openpolitics.ca itself until after they are filled. Check the GPO's own web for such paid opportunities.